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This is a repository of questions that users may have and the answers for those questions. This page is updated regularly so please look for your question here before contacting us.

What is Wealth FX?

Wealth FX is a leading global investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a sustaintial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions and individuals.

What does Wealth do?

We offer 4 investment plans that entail different investment approach and method. Plans range from crypto currency mining and trading.

Do you make money on any market?

Yes, we can generate profit even on bearish market trends. We, however generate a whole lot more when the markets are bullish. We take advantage of the ups and downs of the trading market just like any seasoned trader does.

What do I need to register?

You need a valid e-mail address and valid credentials to register an account with us. You also need to have at least one account in any of our accepted payment methods.

How can i make Deposit?

You need to register an account with us or sign in a registered account, click on deposit, use any of our accepted payment methods and make payment.

How can i withdraw my funds?

After sign in your register account. You will need to click on withdraw request button and follow the instructions on how to withdraw your funds.

I want to update my E-mail address.

You can do this by contacting us and requesting us to manually edit your e-mail address. We do not allow editing of e-mail address by yourself in order to ensure your account security. Proof of ownership of the account is required prior to editing your e-mail address on file for you. In fact we do not allow editing of payment information as well, you are only allowed one time to enter your payout information, either on the registration form or on the PROFILE link on your account. Once this has been filled, you won't be able to edit it, and you will need our assistance to do so.

How can I reset a forgotten password?

You may use our forgot password link at, or reach out to our customer support team on Live Chat. They will be more than happy to assist you in resetting your password should you have trouble resetting it yourself. You will have to go through our verification as a standard operating procedure before your password is reset for you through Live Chat.


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